M&T Graphics Factory Student Qualifies for Skills Canada Provincial Competition

M&T Graphics Factory student, Kat Gallego competed in a challenging Skills Canada Provincial Competition after qualifying through the virtual Skills Canada Regional Competition earlier this month.

The very talented Wellington Catholic students in the M&T Graphics Factory District Program achieved gold, silver, and bronze in the Regional Skills Canada Competition again this year, sending gold winner, Gallego onto provincials.

After three intense hours of competing in the regional Studio Design competition, judges determined that Gallego, Quinten Schairer-Baker, and Zyrienne Guanzon would move into the next round as finalists. Following this grueling day, Gallego, Schairer-Baker and Guanzon were tasked with deciphering the judges' feedback and given just one hour to make final revisions to their designs.

Selecting, cropping, clipping, and scaling - the students certainly put their graphic design skills to the test to come up with a strategic branding campaign for the Humane Society.

“Although it was a fictitious adoption campaign, anyone who would have seen their final ad designs would no doubt have high-tailed it to the nearest Shelter!” shared Katrina Musselman, M&T Graphics Factory instructor.

Working with Adobe software, the M&T Graphics Factory students worked to create highly polished and professional quality designs to impress our judges. In addition to the resubmission of their graphics, these three students had to back their designs with a written rationale.

Judged once more, the gold, silver and bronze medalists were determined and announced.

Gallego taking home the gold medal, Schairer-Baker achieved silver and Guanzon won the Bronze. Olivia Stradiotto and Ethan Wagner were given honourable mentions.

“I'm glad I was able to experience competing in the regionals. I doubted myself at first, but I found myself enjoying near the end. It's exciting, but the time limit is a little nerve-wracking, so I think that one of the most important things to keep in mind is time management,” shared Gallego.

Gallego moved on to compete provincially in the Skills Ontario Competition, which was held virtually again this year on April 20. During the competition, she was challenged with creating a logo and comic book cover. Overall she was very excited, pleased and exhausted by the end of the day.

Results from this competition will be released at the Virtual Closing Ceremony on May 4, 2022.