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Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic High School is a Grades 9-12 school in Guelph, ON; and is proudly a part of the Wellington Catholic District School Board.
Since our beginning in 1965, the faculty of Our Lady of Lourdes has constantly strived to encourage academic excellence. Our faculty strongly believe that academic excellence is achieved when we treat all people in our community as valuable and responsible individuals. We recognize that people possess untapped potential in all areas of human development. We foster a self-concept approach to teaching and learning that invites all participants to share cooperatively in our resources and planning processes.
As faculty and staff we are totally committed to your growth as a person. Our Tradition of Excellence will set goals academically for you to achieve and go beyond knowing that our best will facilitate your best. We value the need for all to belong to a vibrant community and are focussed positively to support this reality.
Faculty, parish and staff assist parents in the education and support of students in a warm and welcoming community at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic High School. It is the coming together of this extended family that fosters a love for knowledge, goodness and discipline. In fact, the openness at Our Lady of Lourdes offers not only access to newly renovated facilities but a commitment to a motto passed down through graduates: "There are no strangers here, only friends we have not met!"
The Crusaders at Our Lady of Lourdes are vigorous in their campaign for success.
Boundary and Feeder Information
For specific boundary information it is strongly advised to submit complete address information or contact the board at (519) 821-4600.
Students attending the following elementary Catholic schools will continue their Catholic education at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic High School:
  • St. Francis; St. Joseph (except boundary area south of Speed River); St. Peter, Sacred Heart, all in Guelph
  • St. Mary, Elora
The official school colours are Navy Blue, Gold and White. 

We proudly wear the name Crusaders. 

"Knowledge, Goodness and Discipline"
represented in our school crest as the Book, the Cross and the Flame respectively.