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Lourdes Guidance Department

The guidance department at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic High School believes that an effective guidance and counselling program should be integrated into the school curriculum and be available to all students. The variety of curriculum choices, the changes in diploma requirements, the vast number of post-secondary options available today and the complexities of the modern world make it essential that a high priority be given to the services of the Guidance and Counselling Department.

The Guidance Department is open from 8:15 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Many of our programs are delivered over the lunch hour, but we also remain open for arranging appointments or picking up information. Drop by and see Mrs. Greffe to make an appointment with your counsellor. Guidance and support staff can also be reached by calling (519) 836-2170.


Guidance Secretary

Mrs. Karen Duffield                                  x-103510

Department Head

Mrs. Amanda Belluz                                  x-103512

Guidance Counsellors                                                                                       
Mrs. Amanda Belluz                                  x-103512                           
Mrs. Chantal Smiley                                  x-103513                      
Mr. Ted Imre                                              x-103511                   

Student Success Teacher

Mrs. Chantal Smiley                                  x-103513


Guidance Support Staff
Ms. Cindy Carter                                        x-103516
Social Worker

Community Alcohol & Drug                        Contact Guidance Office
​Services Worker